Check To Be Done When Water Well Drilling Tools Run

Abstract:  To make no mistakes in the operation of water well drilling tools and improve the construction efficiency, some necess...

  To make no mistakes in the operation of water well drilling tools and improve the construction efficiency, some necessary inspections are done, and the inspections to be done during the operation are as follows:

  1. environmental inspection

  This preparatory work mainly refers to checking whether any obstacles affect the drilling rig's walking within the designated drilling rig's operation range, such as large pits, large ore rocks, etc., and removing them immediately if there are any. When the road width of the drilling rig is less than 4m and the turning radius is less than 4.5m, it cannot pass, and only when the road surface is repaired and widened can it walk.

  2, electrical equipment inspection

  1) the carriage should carefully check whether the welding structure of the carriage is cracked, whether the supporting poles are bad, and whether the bolts and wire ropes are out or reported bad. Whether the upper and lower rod feeders are damaged, whether the bolts are loose, and whether the tensioning device has been tightened.

  2) Whether the screws of the slewing mechanism in the drilling work part are loose, whether the lubrication is thoughtful, whether the gears are damaged, whether the bolts of the front joint and the connection between the bearing gland and the hollow spindle are loose, whether the dust removal part is blocked, and whether the electromagnetic brake of the electric winch is effective.

  3) Whether the tightness of belts, chains, and tracks in the walking part is appropriate, whether the clutch is flexible, and whether the moving gear of the drilling rig lifting mechanism has been disengaged.

  4) Before the electrical part starts to work, all electrical components should be inspected. If there are any defects, they should be eliminated in time, and the operating handle should be moved to the stop position. Short circuit and overload in the electrical system are realized by air switch and fuse. If the short circuit and overload drop 1, stop the machine immediately for inspection and treatment.

  Grounding parts in the electrical system shall be grounded.

  3. Inspection of drilling tools

  Before driving, carefully check whether the drill pipe joint is out or cracked, whether the thread is slipped, whether the working part is in good condition, whether the impactor shell is cracked or welded, and whether the alloy piece (or block) on the drill bit is desoldering, chipping, and pulling. If problems are found, they should be handled in time.