Drilling tool manufacturers talk about the advantages of the drilling tool industry


In the existing underground mine reconstruction and exp […]

In the existing underground mine reconstruction and expansion projects in China, the degree of mechanized construction will be further increased, and the use of DTH rigs in open-pit mines and large-scale projects will increase, and the localization of supporting drilling tools should be further improved . The production of drilling tools for hydraulic rock drilling rigs is currently the weakest link in China.

     Drilling tool workers should further strengthen research and improvement in raw material selection, smelting, rolling, brazing and heat treatment processes. Rock drilling tools are a tool product that has emerged with the industrial revolution. When Ingersoll Rand invented the steam-driven rock drill in 1976, it used a simple rock drill.

     With the acceleration of industrialization, the production and development of rock drilling tools are also advancing. In the 1950s, China began to produce pneumatic rock drilling machinery, and at the same time began to produce rock drilling tools. In the early 1980s, the number of companies investing in drilling tools increased, and the types of production varieties also increased. At the same time, various drilling tool production and scientific research projects have also begun to achieve results, and transformed into productivity.

     In the 1990s, China's industrial production of drilling tools formed a certain scale, and the product types basically met the needs of various infrastructure projects. Some products began to be exported in batches, forming China's own production system for rock drilling tools.

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