GM' Speech


General Manager’s Statement

Kaiqiu Company has a history for more than a decade. Inheriting the family spirit of craftsmanship, on its entrepreneurial path, the company stands by pragmatic and resolute faith, and comply with the core value of being result-oriented, responsible and accountable, in order to promote the revolution and development in segmented market. In the meantime, Kaiqiu Company has achieved its modest objective of establishing itself as the market leader in low and medium air pressure DTH drilling tools and Top hammer drilling tools.

In this new round of competition, in addition to the introduction of top talents and advanced equipment, the company will continue to improve the working environment for its employees, so that every employee can enjoy work as well as life. It also lays solid foundation for our original aspiration of “developing the earth, and benefiting the human race”.

New period, new mission, new vision. The future lays long ahead and bears arduous tasks, but in the meantime, it is full of opportunities. We will forge ahead with enthusiasm and positivity, strive to contribute to the nation’s glory and continue to fulfill the dream of Kaiqiu.