A Brief Introduction To Threaded Drill Pipes


  The threaded drill pipe is used to connect the drilli […]

  The threaded drill pipe is used to connect the drilling rig surface equipment to the grinding equipment or bottom holes device at the bottom of the well. of internal and external pressure, twisting, bending, and vibration. Existing threaded drill rods are usually a section of the hollow metal rigid rod with threads, which is connected directly to the drill press through the threads and then driven through the drill press to The threaded drill rod rotates, and drilling is performed by rotating at high speed.

  Due to the long length of the threaded rods, the current technology of the threaded rods have a long middle section that is susceptible to fracture due to the fact that the top of the rods is the receiving end of the drilling process.

  By improving the structure of the threaded rods, the length of the middle section can be greatly reduced, thus avoiding the breakage in the middle of the threaded rods and extending the length of the threaded rods. Longer-life threaded rods. The range of force on the intermediate section has been shortened by changing from a threaded drill pipe that rotates together around one that rotates the front and inner parts of the drill pipe. The distance between the rotational drive force and the force end is reduced considerably, thus incres the stress on the threaded drill pipe. Replacements greatly extend the life of the threaded drill pipe.

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