Analysis Of Reasons For Consumption Of Drilling Tools

Abstract:  If the pressure is too low, the penetration efficiency of the rock drilling will be reduced, the drill bit assembly wi...

  If the pressure is too low, the penetration efficiency of the rock drilling will be reduced, the drill bit assembly will be loosened, the energy transmitted by the drill set will be lost, and a large amount of stress will be caused, resulting in instantaneous contact and separation of the contact and joint face. The heating of the drill, the "clicking" sound of the joint, and the excessive heat cause abnormal thread wear and corrosion spots, which indicate insufficient forward pressure.

  If the pressure is too high, the rotational speed of the drill bit is low, there is a danger of sticking, and the bending stress of the drill rod increases.

  Impact pressure: If the impact pressure is not properly adjusted, it will directly affect the rotational speed, diagenetic efficiency, and drill life.

  Rotation speed: The rotation speed should match the diameter of the drill bit and the impact frequency of the rock drill. The larger the drill bit, the lower the rotational speed. Rotating too fast can damage the periphery of the drill.

  Swing Pressure: Normal swing pressure is very important. It not only provides proper anti-jamming protection for the drill pipe but also ensures a certain swing pressure. The increase in rotational pressure is a key factor in maintaining the tightness of the drill assembly. Insufficient tightness often results in heating of the connection, peeling of the thread surface, premature wear, or even breakage of the trolley bit, thread.

  Improper use: If the drill is used in combination with a new drill, the life of the drill will be shortened. Also, when the drill rod is misaligned, there will be mud on the threads, and if the threads are connected without lubricant, the drill tool can be easily damaged. "Drilling" is the most serious damage to a drilling tool and should be avoided as much as possible.

  Drilling Tools Manufacturer tells you the best rock drilling rate: In the trolley operation, in addition to the labor compensation and the purchase cost of drilling tools, other labor costs are also regarded as fixed costs, and the drill rod rock drilling tool cost accounts for the majority of the rock drilling operation. High cost, therefore, increased rock drilling speed means lower construction costs, so users attach great importance to increasing rock drilling speed.