Causes Of Drill Pipe Breakage

Abstract:  There are probably the following reasons for the drill pipe to break:   1. Material and processing   (1) Drill pipe ma...

  There are probably the following reasons for the drill pipe to break:

  1. Material and processing

  (1) Drill pipe material. Nowadays, the market for drilling materials is quite chaotic, dishonest merchants shoddy, and the vast majority of users only consider low prices, but cannot distinguish the quality of pipes, and purchase randomly. Many users paid high prices to buy sub-material pipes, and even plausibly said how good their products are.

  (2) Processing quality. The quality mainly depends on the processing standard, processing button type, processing quality, processing accuracy, and so on of the connecting thread. It depends on the equipment, mainly divided into ordinary lathe processing (the thread size is not guaranteed and the straightness is not guaranteed), single-head CNC machining (the thread size is guaranteed but the straightness is not guaranteed), double-head CNC machining (the thread size is guaranteed to ensure straightness);

  (3) Heat treatment process. Such as quenching and tempering and hardening treatment. 2. Matching

  1. It is recommended that the drill pipe and supporting drifter bit, reducing joints, faucets, etc. should be selected from the same manufacturer.

  2. Ensure the uniformity of standards and achieve the best matching.

  3. Mixed use of more than 2 manufacturers.

  4. Many users are taken over by Zhang San and Li Si, which are easy to break;

  3. On-site use

  (1) The pressure should not be too high during operation, and once the drill gets stuck, it should not be played hard;

  (2) During the relocation process, handle it with care and do not throw it around.

  (3) During the process of unloading the screw thread, do not hit it hard with a sledgehammer.

  (4) The drill pipe has a service life, and it should be replaced as a whole when it exceeds the service period. Cannot change half or a few;

  (5) If the thread is found to be severely worn, it should be replaced immediately.

  (6) Avoid mixed use of scrapped drill pipes and new drill pipes.

  (7) Avoid mixing drill pipes of different standards.

  4. Drilling technology

  (1) Reasonable drifter bit drill tool gradation, maintain a reasonable outer ring clearance, use a suitable drag reducer to maintain the lubricity of the mud,

  Reduce the rotary resistance of drilling tools.

  (2) Prevent the drilling from over diameter and bending of the drilling tool, which will cause the drill pipe to break.

  (3) Reasonable drilling process parameters, too high drill pressure, and too high speed will easily cause the drill pipe to break.

  (4) In the case of complex formations, if wireline coring is used for drilling, corresponding treatment measures should be adopted, otherwise the drill pipe will break and accidents will occur.

  Keep happening.

  (5) Avoid strong upsetting and twisting during operation.