Impact of Technical Improvement of Drilling Tools on China's Industrial Development


In various mining or exploration industries, the drill […]

In various mining or exploration industries, the drill bit used is a consumable production tool. The quality and life of the drill bit determine the working efficiency and operating cost of the drilling rig. In 1960, our country mainly used wire rope impact drilling in mine excavation operations, and the drilling technology was relatively backward. This situation directly affected the speed of our country ’s construction of the four modernizations, so increasing the service life of the drill bit became A very important thing.

After 1990, China's mining production, energy development, and national infrastructure construction continued to expand and accelerate development, which put forward higher requirements for the production of drill bits.
After years of hard work, China's drill head R & D and manufacturing personnel have finally achieved a very important breakthrough in each, and achieved the production standard and process of the drill head to be in line with internationalization. It has also cultivated a group of combative scientific research teams and a group of production forces that are very proficient in product manufacturing and production management. The successful scientific research of the drill head has made important contributions to the development of China's industry and played a vital role in the national construction.
Now, China's four modernization projects, further reform and opening up, are developing in a deeper and farther direction. Both the Chinese government and the Chinese people hope that China's scientific and technological power will be stronger and industrial development will be faster, as the saying goes: Workers must sharpen their tools if they want to do their best. "Only by further popularizing and improving scientific knowledge can rational production and use of drill tools be carried out. The development of industry is one of the important signs of social civilization.

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