Daily Application Method And Inspection Of Down-the-hole Drilling Rig

Abstract:In recent years, down-the-hole drilling rigs have been used in more and more fields, and are favored by consumers. The e...
In recent years, down-the-hole drilling rigs have been used in more and more fields, and are favored by consumers. The editor brings you relevant knowledge about the DTH bit. I hope it will be helpful to you. Next, Let's take a look together!
(1) The installation of the down-the-hole drilling rig needs to be prepared in advance
1. Installation and advance preparation: Prepare the rock-drilling cavern in advance. The specification and model of the cavern can be determined according to the drilling method. Usually, when the leveling hole is excavated, the height-width ratio of the cavern is 2.6-2.8 meters. The cavity width is 2.5 meters and the height is 2.8-3 meters when the hole or oblique hole is used.
2. Connect gas and water pipes and lighting fixtures to the vicinity of the coal mining surface for reservation.
3. According to the stipulations of the design concept of the hole, build the support firmly. The left and right sides of the pillar should be padded with woodworking boards, and the abscissa and positioning pins should be installed on the pillar according to a certain height and direction, and the equipment should be lifted by a hand-operated lifting winch and fixed on the pillar according to the required angle, and then Adjust the hole orientation of the drilling machine.
(2) Inspection before operation of down-the-hole drilling rig
1. When the down-the-hole drilling rig can start working, it should be carefully studied whether the gas and water pipes are effectively connected and firm and whether there is any leakage of steam or water.
2. Check whether the fuel pump has been filled with engine oil.
3. Check whether the screws, nuts, connectors, etc. of each part have been tightened and whether the pole is really firm.
(3) Drilling operation program flow
When drilling, start the down-the-hole drill, etc. No problem delivering the push door handle of the rotary actuator. To obtain an appropriate driving force, the second is to rotate the operation to affect the working position of the genitalia. After rock drilling, the water inlet valve can be opened to keep the water vapor at an appropriate ratio. Carry out problem-free rock drilling. When the mast is moved to collide with the holder during the pushing work, a drilling tool is completed. To terminate the operation of the down-the-hole drilling rig and stop the air supply to the impactor, deliver food, insert the fork into the DTH drill pipe groove of the holder, make the down-the-hole drilling rig turn over the double rocker and reverse, and loosen the connecting head and the drill pipe, Then connect the second drill pipe, and then the circulation system will continue to work.
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