Drill Pipe Anti-corrosion Coating Introduction

Abstract:  Working in places with harsh environments, the quality of drill pipes is a matter of great concern to everyone. During...

  Working in places with harsh environments, the quality of drill pipes is a matter of great concern to everyone. During use, it is necessary to understand the anti-corrosion skills of the drill pipe to prolong its service life of the drill pipe. KAIQIU Drilling Tools Manufacturer takes you to understand the introduction of several anti-corrosion coatings for drill pipes.

  1. Grease coating

  Grease paint is a kind of paint with drying oil as the main film-forming substance, which is obtained by heating and refining. It is characterized by easy production, low price, good brushability, and flexible coating film; but it dries slowly, is not suitable for continuous production, has poor mechanical properties of the coating film, swells when soaked in water, is not resistant to acids, alkalis, and organic solvents, and cannot be polished.

  2. Chinese paint

  Also known as natural lacquer, raw lacquer, earth lacquer, or lacquer, it is a kind of natural resin paint, which is a white viscous emulsion that flows out from the bast after cutting the bark of the sumac tree. Raw lacquer has anti-corrosion, strong acid resistance, strong alkali resistance, moisture resistance, insulation, high-temperature resistance, soil resistance, and so on. The disadvantage is that the paint film has poor UV resistance, and most people have allergic reactions to it.

  3. Phenolic resin coating

  A type of synthetic resin coating made of phenolic resin and dry oil. The coating film has the characteristics of hardness, wear resistance, water resistance, moisture resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, insulation, and fast drying. It is easy to manufacture, has many varieties, and the raw materials are easy to obtain, the price is moderate, and it is easy to construct. Combined with other synthetic resins, it can achieve moisture resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high hardness, and good adhesion to prevent chemical corrosion paint.

  4. Epoxy resin paint

  It is a coating with epoxy resin as the main film-forming substance. Strong adhesion, excellent chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, water resistance, thermal stability, and electrical insulation, widely used in construction, chemical industry, automobiles, ships, electrical insulation, etc. The paint will lose its gloss and chalk after being exposed to the sun outdoors, so it is suitable for use as a primer.

  5. Polyurethane coating

  Advantages: Excellent wear resistance, chemical resistance, and oil resistance, strong adhesion, high temperature and low temperature resistance, and non-toxic after the coating film is cured. It is used for coating and anti-corrosion coating of machine tools and instruments.