How To Choose A DTH Drill Pipe?

Abstract:  Now more and more customers want to buy DTH drill pipes for construction, but with the continuous updating of equipmen...

  Now more and more customers want to buy DTH drill pipes for construction, but with the continuous updating of equipment, there are more and more types. Some customers don't know how to buy the right DTH drill pipe equipment for them. Today, KAIQUI Drilling Tools Manufacturer will tell us in detail how to choose DTH drill pipe:

  (1) The selected DTH drill pipe should meet the construction requirements and be equipped according to the engineering construction objectives carried out by the enterprise, taking into account the application fields of the drilling rig. A drilling rig with a strong domestic application range can quickly show its investment effect.

  (2) In the case of meeting the construction period, it is required to have advanced functional parameters, which is conducive to prolonging the service life of its skills. Otherwise, updating in the short term will meet the requirements of sustainable development of enterprises in the long run, and can more effectively protect project investment.

  (3) The operation skills are simple and easy to use, which is beneficial for workers to master the actual operation and reduces the time required for auxiliary operations, such as site leveling, drilling rig movement, drilling rig lifting, drilling tool replacement, air, and water valve adjustment, etc.

  (4) DTH drill pipe has a simple structure, convenient maintenance, strong availability of spare parts, and sufficient supply, which can reduce the cost of spare parts procurement, equipment operation, and management. DTH drill pipe maintenance is less difficult, and technical assistance and after-sales guarantees are guaranteed. When the machinery breaks down, the on-site maintenance workers can repair it immediately, to avoid delaying the construction period due to waiting for technical assistance from the manufacturer.

  (5) At present, my country pays more attention to the safety and environmental protection functions of products. When choosing new equipment, pay attention to whether the manufacturing materials and various safety equipment are complete, and whether the noise, exhaust gas, and waste discharge of the project construction meet the requirements of relevant laws and regulations.