How To Choose The Best Match Between The Drill Pipe And Drilling Rig?

Abstract:  Recently, many friends have mentioned the problem of matching the drill pipe and the drilling rig. Some friends think ...

  Recently, many friends have mentioned the problem of matching the drill pipe and the drilling rig. Some friends think that as long as the drill pipe and the drilling rig can be connected, they can be used. Some friends think that there are certain rules between the two. So how should the drill pipe and the drilling rig be used together?

  The drill pipe products produced by KAIQIU Drilling Tools Manufacturer are mainly used in drilling, mining, and anchoring in coal mines, mines, construction and water conservancy projects, railways, highways, tunnels, and bridges. In coal mines, it is mainly used for coal mine water exploration, gas exploration, coal direction exploration, coal thickness, and coal seam water injection. Moreover, the diameters and application fields of various drill pipes are different. Therefore, the editor recommends that friends should "take the right seat" when choosing drill pipes. So the question is, how to "fit in the right seat"?

  Let's take geological drill pipe, geological auger pipe, high-efficiency auger pipe, and triangular drill pipe as examples. Geological drill pipe is mainly used for water exploration, gas exploration, and coal exploration; geological auger pipe is mainly suitable for medium hard The deep hole drilling construction under the above geological conditions has the function of slag discharge; the high-efficiency auger pipe is suitable for the drilling construction of water exploration and gas exploration under the geological conditions of coal seam and near coal seam, and has the characteristics of lightweight, fast connection, and fast slag discharge. ; The three-edged drill pipe is the first choice for deep hole drilling in soft geological and soft coal seams. In the scope of use of various products, it can also be seen that all kinds of drill pipes have their unique advantages. Only when we clearly understand the characteristics and application scope of each product can we do it in the process of selecting products. Only by "taking the right seat" can you find the most suitable matching object.

  Of course, in the process of product selection, product characteristics are one aspect to be considered, and the other aspect is also the most critical aspect, that is, the torque of the drill pipe and the drilling rig must be matched, otherwise there will be fractures. So the question comes again, how to choose a match?

  We know that the torque of the drilling rig is fixed, so where does the torque value of the drill pipe come from and what are those factors?

  The editor also consulted with senior technicians and learned that the factors affecting the torque value of the drill pipe are composed of the following aspects. Now learn and sell them:

  The drill pipe torque value is mainly based on the specification, material, drill pipe joint form of the drill pipe body, and changes in the production process, resulting in different performance conclusions. The variation value is caused by different materials and processes. The drilling depth of the drill pipe is related to the torque of the drill pipe, but it is not determined by the torque of the drill pipe. It should be determined according to different geological conditions and Select the drill pipe and drill bit type to determine the drilling depth.

  In this way, the torque of the drill pipe and the drilling rig is well selected, and then the corresponding drill pipe is selected according to the geological conditions of the operation, and the matching drill bit can be selected for construction. Of course, these are theoretical data, and specific problems in the construction process can be analyzed in detail.