How To Sharpen The Hard High-performance DTH Bit Quickly And Durable

Abstract:  DTH bit is a common tool in our daily life. The tool with rotating head cutting ability generally uses carbon steel SK...

  DTH bit is a common tool in our daily life. The tool with rotating head cutting ability generally uses carbon steel SK, high-speed steel SKH2, SKH3, and other materials for milling and rolling quenching, and is used for drilling of metals and other materials. , It is also used for drilling machines, lathes, milling machines, hand drills, and other machine tools. For friends who are new to DTH bit, it is inevitable to question how fast and durable DTH bit is. Then, follow Kaqiiu Drilling Tools Manufacturer to learn about hard How to grind high-performance DTH bit quickly and durable!

  1. The tip of the knife should be flush with the surface of the grinding wheel.

  Before grinding the DTH bit, place the main cutting edge of the DTH bit and the surface of the grinding wheel on a horizontal plane. That is, when the blade touches the face of the wheel, the entire blade is ground. This is the relative position of the DTH bit and the grinding wheel, which gradually approach the grinding wheel surface after being in place.

  2. The DTH bit axis should be inclined at an angle of 60° relative to the grinding wheel surface

  This angle is the rake angle of the DTH bit. If the angle is wrong at this time, it will directly affect the size of the top angle of the DTH bit, the shape of the main cutting edge, and the inclination angle of the chisel edge.

  3. Grinding the back from the edge of the knife

  After the knife edge is in contact with the grinding wheel, grind backward from the main cutting edge. That is to say, start from the edge of the DTH bit to touch the grinding wheel first, and then slowly grind down along the entire blade surface.

  4. The tip of the DTH bit swings up and down, and the tail of the DTH bit must not be warped

  This is a standard DTH bit grinding action, the main cutting edge should swing up and down on the grinding wheel. That is to say, the hand holding the front of the DTH bit should evenly swing the hyperbolic cosine value of the DTH bit up and down on the grinding wheel surface.

  5. The tooltip gradually corrects the symmetry on both sides of the axis

  When grinding one and the other, the tip of the tool should be in the center of the drill shaft, and the tooltips on both sides should be symmetrical. Experienced masters only look at the symmetry of the DTH bit and grind it slowly.

  6. After double-edged grinding, pay attention to the drill tip with a larger diameter

  There is a plane at the front of the DTH bit, which affects the center plane of the DTH bit and affects the center position of the DTH bit. To chamfer behind the edge, minimize the flats at the front of the edge. Of course, there is no fixed formula for grinding DTH bit, and it needs to accumulate experience in actual operation. Through repeated comparison, observation, and testing, the DTH bit will definitely grind better.

  The reason why high-speed DTH bits are widely used is that the high-speed steel material has good high-temperature wear resistance, and there is no deformation and wear in high-temperature cutting. Of course, it does consume slowly over time, but the things you can do in the time you don't consume are very valuable. Secondly, the toughness of high-speed DTH bit is much higher than other materials. The DTH bit processed by drilling is not only stable but also requires very high toughness. If the toughness is not good, it is easy to cause DTH bit defects

  The great advantage of alloy DTH bit is its high hardness. The advantage of high hardness is that alloy DTH bit can face a variety of other steel materials with high hardness. However, the big disadvantage of alloy DTH bit is poor toughness and brittle fracture. For deep holes, if there is no special process, the effect of high drilling as a supporting alloy DTH bit is not ideal. Of course, the hardness must be able to withstand high drilling.