How To Take Care Of Tapered Button Bits?

Abstract:  Tapered button bits play an important role in rock drilling exploration projects in today's society, but they also nee...

  Tapered button bits play an important role in rock drilling exploration projects in today's society, but they also need to be maintained in time after use, otherwise, they will be easily damaged. Today we will talk about the maintenance method of threaded drill pipes.

  What are the maintenance methods for threaded drill pipes?

  1. The drill pipe should be maintained regularly, the maintenance cycle time should be specified, and the rust and ash removal should be carried out on time.

  2. The application of the drill pipe needs to be within the rated drilling distance of the drilling rig, and the matching drill pipe should be selected according to the basic parameters, model, and specification of the drilling distance.

  3. When constructing in the hard rock layer, coal rock, or another special natural environment, the drilling depth of the drill pipe should be determined according to the physical performance index of the actual material and the main parameters of the drill pipe.

  4. When the drill pipe and the drill bit are used together, the drill bit should generally exceed the radius of the drill pipe. Pay attention to the condition of the rig and drill pipe at all times throughout the drilling process. In case of an emergency jam, stop drilling immediately or drill back slowly to ensure that the drill pipe is not bent and deformed.

  5. When the rock drill pipe is in natural ventilation or water supply, it should be clear that the drill pipe is firmly connected when drilling. When the drill pipe has sealing materials such as O-rings, pay attention to the application of sealing materials. In case of sudden damage, corrosion, etc., the sealing material should be replaced immediately. Clean and maintain the sealing material after successful drilling.

  6. When drilling the drill pipe, it should be manually operated and slightly tightened to ensure a tight fit (threaded type). It is not allowed to drill directly with the drilling rig, so as not to damage the drill pipe.

  7. If the bending degree of the drill pipe exceeds the standard requirements or the thread is damaged after use so that the top hammer drill pipe cannot be constructed normally, it should be scrapped immediately or returned to the factory for maintenance.

  8. According to the standard regulations, it should be ensured that the drilling depth of the drill pipe meets the relevant regulations to avoid the problem of the drill pipe falling off due to the drilling depth reaching the limit of use of the rock drilling pipe.

  9. When working in the acid-base area, pay attention to the corrosion effect on the drill pipe. After the drilling is successful, immediately clean the surface of the rod body with clean water to remove the corrosion layer.

  10. The drill pipe needs to be stored in a dry place with a little more support at the bottom. When stored for a long time, the drill pipe of the top hammer drill should be cleaned and maintained in time.

  11. The drill pipe shall not be used as a support platform for stacking heavy objects. Drill pipe shall not be placed under gravel, coal piles, or scattered.

  12. After cleaning, maintenance, and rust removal of the threaded drill pipe, the protective cap must be fastened or stored in a cabinet to ensure that the drill pipe is always new.