DTH Hammer Safe Use And Precautions

Abstract:   Attention should be paid to the safe use, inspection, and maintenance of the DTH hammer to ensure the safe and smooth...

   Attention should be paid to the safe use, inspection, and maintenance of the DTH hammer to ensure the safe and smooth progress of the machine construction process. The safe use and precautions of the DTH hammer are as follows:
   1. Read the manual before operating the equipment!
   2. Large, medium, and small repairs must be carried out regularly and regular maintenance and maintenance must be strengthened. Generally, it is stipulated that an overhaul shall be performed once every six months; a mid-term repair shall be performed every three months, and a minor repair shall be performed for each class.
   3. Do not replace electrical explosion-proof components and safety standard control parts at will!
  4. When the DTH hammer is working, the hydraulic system must not leak, otherwise, it should be stopped immediately for replacement, and the leakage should be dealt with in time. It is strictly forbidden to adjust various pressure regulating valves at will!
   5. The temperature of the moving parts and oil of the drilling rig must not exceed 50°C, otherwise, the machine should be shut down for inspection.
   6. Each oil inlet and outlet must be clean and clean. When the fuel tank is filled with oil, the ambient air should be fresh, and the oil must pass through the filter screen of the air filter.
  7. Keep in mind during operation that the powerhead must not be reversed when the front drill rod is not jammed by the clamp. When the drill pipe is retracted, it should continue to rotate forward.
   8. The drilling rig must not be used without cooling water.
   9. The drilling rig must not be dropped, smashed, or impacted by gravity when in use.
   10. The tail of the pump station motor must be placed in the direction of the air inlet side, and the hydraulic pipelines must be firmly connected.
  11. When the spring chuck is in the released state, the vertical shaft is not allowed to rotate.
   12. When disassembling, all tubing and joints should be covered with plugs or clean cloth to prevent dirt from entering!
   Every time you start the DTH hammer, check whether the motor rotation direction is correct, whether the water feeder rotates flexibly, whether the water delivery hose is fixed, etc., to prevent loosening. During the operation of the drilling rig, check the electrical insulation and whether the wiring is loose. When servicing the DTH hammer, the power supply must be cut off before opening the box cover for repair work.