What Are The Characteristics Of Tapered Button Bits?

Abstract:  Tapered button bits, after you listen to it, you may know what it is literally. Drilling tools are widely used in the ...

  Tapered button bits, after you listen to it, you may know what it is literally. Drilling tools are widely used in the mining industry, especially in drilling. Today we will introduce to you what are the characteristics of tapered button bits?

  1) Applicability with conventional coal mining industry full hydraulic drilling rigs, that is, the application of drill pipes does not require upgrading and transformation of current drilling rigs, and will not improve the exploration engineering construction procedures and the work intensity of construction personnel;

  2) Single-head, double-head, or three-head spiral milling grooves are arranged on the drill pipe axis to ensure the overall hardness of the drill pipe and the professional ability of the drill pipe to mix and discharge powder.

  3) The connecting head adopts the structure of double top diameter and adopts the partial trapezoid profile. Compared with the conventional drill pipe, the tensile strength and torsion strength are increased by 30% and 40% respectively; fully consider the technical characteristics of the soft coal and rock under the hole protection screen. The design concept of the connection head has two kinds of conventional pipe diameter and large diameter.

  4) The basic parameters of spiral groove milling include groove depth, total width, and structural characteristics of milling groove. The depth and total width of the milling groove refer to the welded wide-wing spiral drill pipe wing. The milling groove angle adopts too much arc to reduce the internal stress.

  5) The connection head adopts friction welding technology. The technology has the characteristics of high quality, high efficiency, environmental protection, energy-saving and no pollution, high mechanical automation level, and high production efficiency.

  6) The connector adopts a heat treatment method to achieve an annealing process for the thermal interference zone of the welding gap to improve its comprehensive mechanical properties.

  7) The tapered button bits use ordinary heat treatment, tempering, and annealing process.