What Are The Technical Advantages Of Drill Pipe Equipment

Abstract:  In the early days when there was no drill pipe to lift the drilling machine, steel wire rope was used as the traction ...

  In the early days when there was no drill pipe to lift the drilling machine, steel wire rope was used as the traction and guiding part. With the development of control technology, drill rods were developed without wire rope drilling equipment, and materials were mined along the veins. By tracking minerals, drill rods could be reduced. Dilution of ore reduces mining costs and environmental impact, realizing green mining.

  In the past few decades, drill rods have made great progress. As a kind of equipment used under specific conditions, drill rods can now be used in coal mines, hydropower stations, traffic transportation, underground construction, military engineering and other fields. The digging diameter gradually increases, especially the large-diameter shaft structure of the drill rod, which makes up for the defect that the previous drill rod can only be drilled with a small diameter.

  Drill rods improve the drilling machine and the drilling process, reduce mechanical and other technical problems, improve drilling efficiency, energy saving, and safe operation. Further research and development to optimize the rock breaking method of the drilling machine, intelligent control technology and non-linear drilling, as a reliable mechanized construction method, upgrading the drilling technology is an ideal supplement to the traditional shaft construction. Compared with the traditional drilling and blasting method, The mechanized construction method can greatly reduce the number of operators, improve the safety of shaft construction, reduce worker injuries, and improve work efficiency.

  The development and application of drilling technology is forward-looking. Drill rods are an important part of improving efficiency and are also the main consumable materials. Through the improvement of drill rod structure and the use of new materials, high-efficiency and low-energy-consumption drill rods are developed. The physical and mechanical properties, microwave vibration and chemical modification can further improve the efficiency of drilling by improving the drill rod.

  With the development of new technologies such as lasers, high-energy particles and directional control, it is necessary to make full use of the convenience and safety brought by new technologies during the drilling process, and the technical requirements for drill rods will become higher and higher.