Precautions For The Use Of DTH Hammer


  In addition to the correct choice of carbide grade, t […]

  In addition to the correct choice of carbide grade, the efficiency of the submersible impactor is influenced by several factors, the main one being that the DTH hammer can be seen with careful observation. The shape of the drill DTH hammer, as does the cross-section of the cannon eye obtained with the DTH hammer.

  Precautions for the use of submersible DTH hammer.

  1、Working in different rock formations, choose different types of submerged hole impactor, shaft pressure, and speed according to the softness and hardness of the rock.

  2、Deep hole impactor machine perforation operation must follow the three elements of perforation (wind pressure, shaft pressure, speed) and DTH hammer sample recommended parameters to match the principle of operation.

  Before going down the well, please check the appearance of all parts of the DTH hammer and verify whether the end of the DTH hammer wire buckle and the DTH hammer packing box and the factory number on the certificate of conformity is the same to prevent counterfeiting.

  4、The DTH hammer should be stored reasonably on the submerged hole impactor machine to prevent dust and other debris from entering the DTH hammer.

  5、When replacing the submerged hole impactor, we should ensure that the drill is free of dust, the air outlet is smooth, the wire buckle is greased, and the drill can be used only after lifting and rotating to connect well.

  6, before replacing the new DTH hammer, should carefully check whether the three wheels rotate flexibly, silk clasp, and teeth are intact.

  7、When drilling a new DTH hammer, it should be used at low shaft pressure and low speed for 20-30 minutes, then gradually increase to normal shaft pressure.

  8, the new hole impactor new hole, we should pay attention to remove debris around the hole (rocks, scrap metal, etc.), to be turned around at the same time, ventilation slow put, close to the surface, to prevent drilling, impact damage drill bit.

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