The Importance Of Drill Pipe Drifter Bit To Rock Drill

Abstract:  Rock drills are mainly used for mining rock drilling equipment. Drill rods and drill bits are the working devices of r...

  Rock drills are mainly used for mining rock drilling equipment. Drill rods and drill bits are the working devices of rock drilling machines, which have a great impact on rock drilling efficiency.

  A drill pipe, also known as a steel rod, is generally made of carbon steel and is used to connect the surface equipment of the drilling rig and the drilling equipment at the bottom of the drilling rig or the bottom hole device. The drill pipe is used to transport the drilling mud to the drill bit, and use the drill bit to lift, lower, or rotate the bottom hole device. The cross-section is hollow hexagonal or prototype, and the hollow is for powder removal, and it is used to remove blast hole powder.

  The shape of the drill bit depends on the hardness and composition of the rock to be chosen. The common single chisel bits are three kinds of double chisel and cruciform, the single chisel bit is suitable for soft and medium hard rock without cracks, and the double cruciform chisel can be applied to rock drills.

  There are two ways to connect the drill pipe and the drill bit:

  One is that the drill pipe and the drill bit are connected and can only be used for rocks with low hardness, so the fiber head is easy to wear. At this time, the grinding drill bit should be drilled, commonly known as forging fiber or drill bit.

  The other bit is a tapered bit or threaded connection, generally used for hard rock. Carbide drill bits have cutting edges lined with tool steel, an alloy commonly known as drill bits. The advantage of this exercise is that the Dayton drill bit can be taken out and replaced at any time after grinding, and it does not need to replace the drill bit to work, which improves work efficiency, saves steel, and reduces fiber maintenance costs.

  During the drilling process, the drill bit is used together with the drill pipe. Use a shorter drill pipe and a larger drill bit to drill holes first, and then gradually increase the drill pipe to use a smaller drill bit, so the drifter bit should be large first and then small, gradually shrinking to the required hole diameter, the drill pipe is short first and then long, one for one grow to the desired depth.