Ways To Improve The Life Of The Reaming Bit

Abstract:  With the rapid development of modern industrial technology, diamond has increasingly become an important industrial ra...

  With the rapid development of modern industrial technology, diamond has increasingly become an important industrial raw material, widely used in metallurgy, coal, petroleum, machinery, optical instruments, electronic industry, and aerospace technology. Diamond is irreplaceable because its hardness is one of the worlds. Especially in recent decades, with the rapid development of synthetic diamond, its multi-purpose properties, and low price have opened up more application fields. Small-diameter diamond drilling is an effective method to improve drilling speed and engineering quality and shorten the exploration cycle. In recent decades, with the joint efforts of scientific research, teaching and production units, small-diameter diamond drilling has made great achievements, showing its advantages more and more, and has been welcomed by the vast number of workers in the fields of exploration and infrastructure engineering. a broader prospect.

  The use of reaming bit is mainly evaluated by three indicators, namely the drilling speed of the drill bit, the drill bit and unit footage, and the diamond consumption. Current drilling should aim to increase bit footage and reduce bit cost per meter. Improving the drilling footage is a comprehensive indicator, involving a wide range of aspects, and is also an important indicator to measure the management level and technical level of the grassroots unit. To improve the service life of drill bits, in addition to selecting high-quality drill bits, raising the awareness of employees, paying attention to team building, carrying out job training, and strictly implementing the system, the following links should also be emphasized:

  1. Before the new drill bit of the diamond composite drill bit enters the hole, it should be properly matched with the outer diameter of the reamer, so that the inner diameter of the drill bit corresponds to the core diameter. When starting to drill, the initial pressure should be small, and the normal pressure should be applied after the lip of the new drill bit and the bottom ring of the hole are ground flat.

  2. The size of the technical parameters of the drilling should be adapted to the stratum being drilled, and should be adjusted concerning the consumption per unit of drill bit footage.

  (1) The axial pressure is usually not large, the initial pressure is small, the broken rock is smaller than the intact rock, the artificial impregnation reaming bit is smaller than the natural impregnation reaming bit, and the progress is too fast to control the pressure and speed, and special attention is paid to the tendency of some pressure deviations. . For example, during the drilling process, the steel wire of the drilling tool is damaged too quickly, indicating that excessive pressure and insufficient water supply are likely to cause drilling burns.

  (2) The drilling speed is proportional to the speed, maintains a certain linear speed (more than 2.0 m/s), gives full play to the reaming bit grinding stone, improves time efficiency, reduces its consumption, crushing rock revolution should be appropriately reduced, select the table to insert For reaming bit, oversized drills and reamers should be selected, and high speed should be avoided.

  (3) Pump volume and pump pressure, if conditions permit, the volume of the pump is slightly larger (30~50L/min) than the smaller one. At the same time, the corresponding pump pressure is maintained, thereby reducing the burning phenomenon caused by leakage during drilling, and will not be eroded by too much water and the lip groove of the DTH bit.