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Taizhou Kaiqiu Drilling Tools Co., Ltd. is a China DTH Hammers manufacturers and DTH Hammers suppliers with multiple independent intellectual property rights.

The company has been focusing on the solutions and researches of “drilling tools” for a long term. It recruits talents,masters the core technology (a full set of the most advanced heat treatment system has been introduced from Europe), and owns multiple R&D patents. Kaiqiu Company adheres to the mode of “change” and bold innovation, which enables it to rapidly develop into a high-end DTH Hammers factory with an integrated system of technology, R&D, production and sales. The company’s DTH Hammers wholesale and sales to South America, Africa and Southeast Asia. The flagship brand “Kaiqiu” now enjoys high reputation and market recognition in both domestic and overseas market. The company also has a number of sub-brands: "Weitai","Weihuang"," Lifeng","Pulikabi".



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DTH Hammers Industry Knowledge Extension

The characteristics and scope of application of DTH hammers
1) Utilize conventional equipment on site, convenient supporting and low investment.
2) Applicable to large hole depth (currently the maximum well depth has reached 5129m).
3) Down-the-hole drilling with little energy loss.
4) The load applied to the drill bit is a high-frequency pulsating load, which can reach a very high value instantaneously, which is easy to cause volume fragmentation of the rock and improve drilling efficiency.
5) Impact vibration effect can effectively reduce core blockage and increase return length in broken formations.
6) Compared with the rotary, it can drill with low drilling pressure and low speed, and the wear of the drilling tool is small, which can reduce the well deviation.
7) DTH hammers drilling requires a large amount of flushing fluid and a high flow rate.
8) High-frequency pulsating impact is beneficial to diamond cutting and reduces drill bit slippage.

Diagnosis and elimination of common faults of DTH hammers
Common failures of DTH hammers include:
Plugging: Caused by drilling in hard formations or insufficient flushing. To remove the clog, try increasing the flushing pressure or using a different drilling technique.
Excessive drill bit wear: Caused by drilling in abrasive formations or using the wrong type of drill bit. To eliminate excessive wear, try using a harder or more wear-resistant drill bit, or use a different drilling technique.
Internal Air Leaks: Caused by worn seals or damaged components. To diagnose an internal air leak, check for low air pressure or poor drilling performance. To eliminate internal air leaks, replace worn seals or damaged components.
Broken drill or hammer: Caused by excessive pressure or impact. To eliminate a broken bit or breaker, reduce drilling pressure, use a stronger breaker or bit, or change drilling techniques.
Insufficient flushing: due to clogged flushing holes or low air pressure. To eliminate insufficient flushing, clean the flush hole, increase air pressure, or use a different drilling technique.
To diagnose and troubleshoot common faults of DTH hammers, it is important to have a good understanding of the drilling conditions and to regularly inspect and maintain the equipment.

Can I use water well drilling tools to drill a well myself?
Yes, it is possible to drill a well yourself using water well drilling tools. However, it is important to remember that drilling a well requires a great deal of knowledge and expertise, as well as the proper equipment. Improper well construction or drilling techniques can result in poor functioning of the well, contamination of the water supply, and even structural damage to the surrounding area.
If you are considering drilling your own well, it is recommended that you thoroughly understand the process, local regulations and safety precautions before proceeding. In some areas, permits may be required to begin drilling and it is important to ensure compliance with all local laws.
In some cases, it may be more cost-effective and less time-consuming to hire a professional drilling contractor. These contractors have the experience and equipment needed to drill wells efficiently and safely, and can ensure that wells are constructed in compliance with local codes and industry standards.